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Q: How much do you charge for a divorce? 

A: We can usually quote a flat fee for an uncontested divorce (when the parties have already reached an agreement as to all issues), but the amount varies based on whether the couple has children, owns a home, and needs to divide a retirement account. For a contested divorce, we will require a retainer and the amount will vary based on the facts. Therefore, you will have to speak with an attorney and provide some basic information so that the attorney can quote you a fee.

Q: My account is in collections at your firm, how can I obtain my account balance? 

A. We prefer that you send an email to to request an account balance. Be sure to provide enough information so that we can identify your case. You can use the contact form on this website's home page to request a balance or ask any questions.

Q: Do you charge for consultations?

A: It depends on the type of case. You can call or email with a summary of your issue and our staff will let you know whether there would be a consultation fee. Generally, we do not charge for personal injury consultations.

Q: Do you represent tenants in residential landlord-tenant matters?

A: We typically do not represent residential tenants.

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