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Leave a legacy, not a mess.


  • Last Will & Testament

    • Name your beneficiaries​

    • Select your personal representative (executor)

    • Nominate a guardian for your minor children

    • Create a testamentary trust for your children

    • Create a special needs trust if you have a disabled child

    • Leave a gift to a nonprofit, charity or religious organization

  • Power of Attorney

    • Select ​a trusted agent to act on your behalf

    • Avoid an expensive and potentially divisive guardianship proceeding

  • Healthcare Proxy

    • Select a trusted agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf​

  • Advance Directive (Living Will)

    • Let your healthcare providers and family know your end-of-life care preferences​


STEP 1: Call, email or chat for a quick quote.

We charge a reasonable flat fee for simple planning documents without complex distributions schemes or trusts.

STEP 2: Complete and return our QUESTIONNAIRE

STEP 3: We draft the document(s).

STEP 4: We contact you to schedule a meeting

to review and sign (on the same day if possible).

Call, Email or Chat to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys. Hourly rates may apply.

For Complex or Unique Estate Plans:

For Simple Estate Plans:

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