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The Tenant Eviction Process in Tuscaloosa County

What should a landlord do when a tenant breaches the lease and the landlord wishes to begin the eviction process? There are procedures set forth in the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (the “Act”) and usually restated in the lease that must be followed to legally evict the tenant. What exactly needs to be done and how long the eviction process should take depends on a few factors. We prepared the following eviction timeline based on the law and our experience handling evictions in Tuscaloosa County and the surrounding areas: STEP 1: The tenant breaches (violates) the lease or fails to comply with the Act. STEP 2: The landlord gives the tenant the appropriate Notice of Defa

Why Everyone Needs a Will

I often hear clients say they do not need a Last Will and Testament because they intend to "avoid probate" or because they do not currently have any assets to distribute. However, both of these types of individuals could still benefit from having a Will. Why? Because probate avoidance measures are imperfect, and a person may unexpectedly receive assets before their death. For instance, a client may plan to avoid probate by deeding their real property to their children while the client is alive. However, the client may inherit additional real property after those initial estate planning measures and either forget to deed it to the children or lack the capacity to do so. Therefore, the real pr




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